Today's Hotel Alt-Montjoie (Old Monschau) still has a young – nevertheless quite changeable - history. The original purpose of the building was the operation of a bakery in the 1950s and 60s. Subsequently, after a sale, the bakery was turned into a milk bar.

Later, Marcel and Bruni (Marcel was originally from Belgium) decided to buy the house and rebuild.

Thus, the former milk bar became a restaurant. But to transform the existing building into a hotel was far more complicated.

Due to the monument protection regulations in Monschau, the building was not allowed to be demolished and to be rebuilt just like this.

First, the basement had to be demolished, with the upper floors being set on stilts. Only then could the basement be rebuilt. Finally, the upper floors were built.

Otherwise - in the case of a complete demolition – the owners would have to keep a distance of 3 meters to the curb and thus lose a lot of space.

Meanwhile, over 40 years have passed, in which each generation has gained more regular guests. First, the daughter of the founders led the house and also the new owners want to retain the hospitable and international spirit of the cozy Alt-Montjoie Hotel and Restaurant.

We look forward welcoming you - Willkommen and Bienvenue ;-)