The Hotel Alt Montjoie is located in the middle of the old town of the former cloth makers city Monschau and just below the mighty complex of the castle. The picturesque half-timbered houses are a popular photo motiv and Monschau serves often as backdrop for TV series and films.

The area offers many attractions in all seasons. The unique beech hedges are worth seeing all year round and the narcissus meadows are the highlight of spring. In the High Fens, the high moor, you can still see the traces of the ice age and in the National Park you can experience during ranger-led tours, what it means to "let nature be nature". Monschau is located on and next to outstanding hiking trails - the Eifelsteig leads past the Hotel Alt Montjoie. Monschau is also a popular destination for the bikers of the Vennbahn Radweg.

The city is officially recognized as health resort since 2006 and lies in the deep, narrow valley of the Rur.

Our Rur (without "h") rises near the Belgian community Sourbrodt in the High Fens.

 Until Monschau it grows through many small and smallest tributaries already to a handsome river. At Roermond (Netherlands) the Rur flows into the river Maas.